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Our mission is to create a welcoming space where individuals from all walks of life can come together to deepen their spiritual connection, forge lasting friendships, and make a positive impact on our community. Guided by the principles of [mention any key values or beliefs], we strive to embody the teachings of Christ through our actions and interactions.

About Us

No soul Left Behind

Welcome to the Chatt Ordinariate Group! We are a close-knit community united by our shared faith and dedication to spiritual growth, fellowship, and service. Our history dates back to [mention any relevant historical background or founding details], and we have been an integral part of the Chattanooga community ever since.

What We Do

Our Goal for Spiritual Change




Our Mission

What We Offer

Our community is a vibrant hub of activity, offering a variety of opportunities for engagement and growth. From heartfelt worship services that inspire and uplift to engaging study groups that foster learning and discussion, there’s something for everyone to explore and be a part of. We also host regular social events that provide a platform for members to connect on a personal level and build meaningful relationships.

Get Closer With God

Diverse Community

At chatt ordinarate, diversity is celebrated and cherished. Our members come from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, enriching our community with unique perspectives. We believe that this diversity strengthens our bonds and deepens our understanding of one another, fostering an environment of acceptance and unity.

Join Us

We warmly invite you to be a part of our community. Whether you’re new to the faith, seeking spiritual guidance, or simply looking for a supportive and caring group of individuals to connect with, you’ll find a place here at Chatt Ordinarite. Join us for our upcoming events, explore our various activities, and experience the warmth and sense of belonging that our community offers.

We look forward to getting to know you and embarking on this journey of faith and fellowship together.

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